“Change Magazine” Article Describes Successful Large Course Redesigns

A number of universities are discovering that the best strategy for widespread improvements in student learning is to re-design their courses.  One of those is the University of North Texas.  During the past six years, their Next Generation Course Redesign Project (NGen) has focused on the redesign of several large general education courses.  Using both intensive faculty development and incorporating important organizational development features, faculty (often adjuncts) have created new learning goals, assessment that is better integrated with the learning goals, and used more experiential learning and instructional technology.  Results?  Far more successful students in the large classes, along with better student attitudes toward the subject – all at lower per-student instructional costs.

Partial Text: http://www.changemag.org/Archives/Back%20Issues/November-December%202009/abstract-next-gen.html
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Source:  “Next Generation Course Redesign”, by P.M. Turner in Change Magazine, Nov-Dec 2009, pp. 10-16.

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