About This Site

About This Site

This website is intended for anyone who wants to learn more about learning-centered course design.

Learning about Course Design Basics

The tab on “Learning Course Design Basics” provides 6 different webpages, on such things as:

  • tips [with related forms] on the various tasks involved in good course design,
  • a description of an online course on Integrated Course Design,
  • campus workshops,
  • published materials,
  • books on topics related to good course design, and
  • reference to our listserv that allows you to communicate directly with others who are also interested in good course design.

Examples of Course Design

This tab contains multiple examples of good course designs, separated into four categories: courses in the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and other specific kinds of courses.

These documents have all been reviewed and approved by Dee Fink as meeting the criteria for being good examples of Integrated Course Design.

We also invite you to submit the design of one of your courses when you are ready; we will also help you refine it as necessary, to make it acceptable for publication here.