About This Site

About This Site

This is a brief description of how the basic components of this website work.  We also hope to improve the structure and operation of the website in the future.  So if you see a way to do that, please let us know.

Basic Learning

In the tab labeled “Learning Design Basics”, we describe books, manuscripts (full-text), and links to online courses and other online resources, where people can learn the basics of good course design. We also have a list of upcoming workshops where you can learn with your others how this system works.

Advanced Learning

In the tab labeled “Resource Downloads”, we have put a variety of handouts, forms, etc., that can improve or facilitate the course design process.

We expect this collection of materials to grow over time.  So if you have or find something helpful, please send it along with your comments about it, to Dee Fink at:  dfink40@gmail.com

Examples of Good Course Design

Many people have now applied the ideas of Integrated Course Design to their courses – with good results.  To help people learn from each other, we are collecting as many examples as possible under the “Examples” tab.

Please Contribute. We hope that when you have a design that you think might be good enough to archive here, you will work up a description of it and send it in.

Template. To help you describe your course design, we have created a template that you can fill in with specific information.  When you send your design in, we will review it and if it does meet our criteria of a good design, we will post it.  If not, we will suggest some changes that may help you revise it for future submission.

Categories. As the collection of course designs grows, we will create categories of types of courses, so people can find the kinds of courses they are interested in studying.

Communicate with Others

Under the “Discussion” tab, you can sign up for and participate in our Listserv.  This allows you communicate with all members.

Please – share the issues and successes you have had with learning-centered course design.  Others would love to learn from you and will help you learn from them!