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This includes articles about designing courses and about organizational support for re-design efforts.

Updated Edition of “Creating Significant Learning Experiences” Published in August 2013

Jossey-Bass published an Updated Edition of Fink’s book this past August.  The structure and central ideas of the original book remain the same, but many of the examples and references have been updated.  This allows readers to see the current

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Japanese Translation of Creating Significant Learning Experiences Available!

Dee Fink’s book: Creating Significant Learning Experiences is now being printed in Japanese! When a link is available for a location to purchase the book online, it will be announced here. You can click the picture of the cover to

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IEEE Journal

IEEE Journal - Cover - 20001

Inter-Disciplinary Project Using the Taxonomy of Significant Learning Professors from the University of Oklahoma in Engineering, Geosciences, and Meteorology recently created a set of inter-disciplinary courses that (a) taught computer engineers about the applications of their computer programs and (b)

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“Change Magazine” Article Describes Successful Large Course Redesigns

A number of universities are discovering that the best strategy for widespread improvements in student learning is to re-design their courses.  One of those is the University of North Texas.  During the past six years, their Next Generation Course Redesign

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“Journal of Faculty Development” Article Credits Taxonomy of Significant Learning

Two accounting professors at Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus redesigned a major course in the Accounting department there: Introduction to Financial Accounting.  In the article, they describe how they used the Taxonomy of Significant Learning to formulate a much greater range

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