Examples of Good Design

Examples of Good Design

Please consider contributing your own course design, as an example that others can learn from.  This is NOT the time to be modest; you should not decide whether your course design is a good one or not – let us decide that [and we’ll help you make it better if it needs tweaking].

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Here are some examples of course designs that have been reviewed and are considered to be good designs.

We have grouped them into four general categories, to make it easier for you find the ones you want to learn more about:

  • Natural Sciences/Engineering/Mathematics
  • Social Sciences/Business/Education
  • Humanities/Fine Arts/Architecture
  • Other

Each example includes contact information, in case you want to ask the teacher questions about the design of their course.

To access a fuller description of one of these, click on the link under “Subject Matter”.

Suggestion:  For ease of opening – “right click” on the subject matter and select “Open in a new tab.”

Natural Sciences/Engineering/Mathematics and HEALTH CARE

Calculus I   25-35 Face-to-Face, Tech. Enhanced  Comprehensive
Statistics   30-40 Face-to-Face   Comprehensive
Computer Information Technology   12-20 Face-to-Face 2-Year College
Computer Information Systems   25 Online 2-Year College
Engineering: Sustainability Concepts   10-15 Face-to-Face, some blended University
Health Care Courses:
Nursing: Community Health Promotion   30 Face-to-Face, Online, Clinical Liberal Arts College
Rural Health Care   15-20 Face-to-Face University
Nutrition Education   25 Face-to-Face University
Nursing: Research  44-48 Face-to-Face   University
Nursing: Professional Concepts   60-65   Face-to-Face   University
Audiology   5-10   Face-to-Face   University/Medical       School

Social Sciences/Business/Education

Subject Matter: Class Size: Mode of Delivery: Type of Institution:
Accounting 15-25 Face-to-Face Comprehensive
Education: Language Arts for Special Needs 20-25 Hybrid Liberal Arts College
Educational Technology 25 Face-to-Face + Major Tech Component 4-Year College
Elem. Educ.: Psych. of Reading 20-25 Totally Online Graduate
Higher Educ.: College Teaching 15 Technology Enhanced Graduate
Psychology: Sensation & Perception 20-40 Face-to-Face with some Online Graduate
Speech Pathology / Communication Disorders 40 Face-to-Face with some Online 4-Year College / Graduate
Developmental Psychology 35 Face-to-Face 4-Year College
Geog.: Urban Geography 20-40 Face-to-Face 4-Year College
Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies 25 Face-to-Face University

Humanities/Fine Arts/Architecture

Subject Matter: Class Size: Mode of Delivery: Type of Institution:
European Literature  25-40 Face-to-Face  University
English: Bibliog. & Research 5-15 Online Graduate
Introduction to Theatre 10-40 Face-to-Face with some Online 4-Year Regional Comprehensive
Hist.: Immigrant Experience in U.S. 10-15 Hybrid Graduate
Music/Regional Studies 60 Face-to-Face, some blended 4-Year
Dance History 25-30 Face-to-Face, some Studio Comprehensive

Other (Interdisciplinary, Non-Discipline Specific)

Subject Matter: Class Size: Mode of Delivery: Type of Institution:
Freshman Seminar 25 Face-to-Face 4-Year University
1st Year Experience 25 Face-to-Face 4-Year University