Submit Your Course Design

Submit Your Course Design

When you submit your course design for inclusion on this website, here are some guidelines to help you. We want the descriptions to be short enough so people can read them easily, but we also want them long enough to be informative.

Use This Template:   Template for Examples of Good Course Design

The template is our best effort to assist you in achieving this balance. It asks for the following kinds of information:

  • Required Sections: The following sections are required:
    1. Context: This includes information such as: Subject matter, course title, typical class size, type of institution, etc.
    2. General Description of the Course
    3. Big Purpose of Your Course
    4. Situational Factors
    5. Your 3-Column Table: This table contains your Learning Goals, Assessment Activities, and Learning Activities.
    6. Your Weekly Schedule: This sketches out how the course unfolds, and the sequence of topics and activities that you used.
  • Optional Section:If you have information about the topics below, please include them.  If not, you can still submit your course design with information on the three topics listed above.
    1. Impact on Student Engagement
    2. Impact on Student Learning
    3. Impact on You

Submitting Your Design

When you are ready to submit your design to be reviewed, email your template description to Dee Fink at: