Published Materials

Published Materials

Original Book: Creating Significant Learning Experiences

This is the book that initially presented the full set of ideas associated with Integrated Course Design and the Taxonomy of Significant Learning.  It is available in hardcover and e-book forms.  In Audust, 2013, an Updated Edition was published (cover shown to right).  Here are links for anyone wishing to buy a copy:

Translations: The original book has also been translated into 5 other languages:  Chinese (simplified and traditional), Arabic, Japanese, and Spanish. Here are the title and copyright pages of the completed translations:

Collection of Case Studies

In the fall of 2009, a collection of 10 essays was published in which the authors described (a) how they used the ideas of Integrated Course Design and (b) what happened to student engagement and student learning when they did use it. This was published in Jossey-Bass’ series on New Directions for Teaching and Learning, #119 (Fall, 2009), edited by L. Dee Fink & Arletta Knight Fink.  Here are links for anyone wishing to purchase a copy:

“A Self-Directed Guide to Designing Courses for Significant Learning”

This is intended as a “do-it-yourself” guide for designing courses.  It lays out a series of ideas and steps, followed by worksheets for doing each step.  36 pp.  Here is a link for the English version:  “Self-Directed Guide..” Translations:  People in other countries have found this Guide valuable enough to translate into their own languages:  Here are copies of the Guide in other languages:

Variation on the “Self-Directed Guide”

Dee Fink created a variation of the “Guide” in 2016.  This one is intended specifically for use as a reading assignment to be done by participants before a course design workshop.

It is similar to the “Guide” except for two differences:

  • It has an opening section that explains why it is important to learn about course design.
  • It does not have the worksheets; it is intended only for laying out major ideas about integrated course design.

Here is the link to this document:  Pre-Reading for Course Design Workshops

IDEA Paper #42: “Integrated Course Design”

People at the IDEA Center at Kansas State University put together an excellent synopsis (6 pp) of the main ideas in the original book on Creating Significant Learning Experiences.  That Paper is available, full-text, online at:  IDEA Paper #42 on “Integrated Course Design”

Once you pull this link up, you can download a pdf document of the full text.