Campus Workshops

Campus Workshops

Dee Fink & Associates is a consulting group of 5 individuals who offer workshops on Integrated Course Design.  They have all been selected because of their prior experience in offering campus workshops and have undergone training in how to this workshop on course design.

Some information about what this group can do is provided here.  For further information, check our website:

Campus Workshops

General Workshop on “Integrated Course Design”: These individuals frequently offer workshops on college or university campuses.  These range in length from ½ day, 1 day, to 2 days long.  The longer the workshop, the more workshop participants can get into actually make design decisions for their own courses.

These workshops are cost effective because the cost is spread among many people from that campus.

Workshop Specifically on “Designing Online and Hybrid Courses”: Two of the Associates have put together a workshop on this topic.  It can be done as a 1-day or 2-day workshop.

The first half is about the basic principles of Integrated Course Design; the second half is about the additional issues and tools that are needed for courses that will operate completely or partially in an online environment.

International Workshops

From time to time, Dee Fink or one of the Associates have offered workshops in countries outside North America.  In the past few years, one or another of us have offered workshops in:  Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia/New Zealand, and several countries in Asia (from Pakistan to Japan).

One Associate (Lynn Sorenson) has done and can do the workshop in Spanish.  Another Associate (Michael Ghoulam, from Lebanon) can do the workshop in Arabic.