We are proud to bring you two new course examples. One course is by Freed, and is on the subject of Music/Regional Studies, and the other course is by Apul, and is on the subject of Engineering.

Be sure to check them out on the Examples page!

Video - Why and How this Website was Created

Using Integrated Course Design to Prank your Boss

Watch this video to learn how to use Integrated Course Design to prank your boss. This video was presented at the recent POD conference. Enjoy!

Japanese Translation of Creating Significant Learning Experiences Available!

Japanese - Creating Significant Learning Experiences Book CoverDee Fink’s book: Creating Significant Learning Experiences is now being printed in Japanese! When a link is available for a location to purchase the book online, it will be announced here.

You can click the picture of the cover to view a larger version that includes the copyright page.

Dee Fink Interviewed by International HETL Association

HETL LogoOn September 9, 2011, Dee Fink was interviewed by the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association. The text of the interview can be viewed here: http://hetl.org/2011/10/03/significant-learning-experiences/.

New Course Designs Added to Examples Page

Recently, a number of different instructors were kind enough to prepare examples of their course designs based on the learning philosophies of this site. We have a new example of an Information Technology course, an education course, an elementary education course, and a theatre course.

You can view the new course designs on the Examples Page.

L’Orient-Le Jour Interview with Dee Fink

L'Orient-Le Jour LogoRecently, Dee Fink traveled to Beirut, Lebanon to give a workshop. While he was there, he was interviewed by the French language newspaper L’Orient-Le Jour about his learning and teaching philosophies. Below are links to French and English (Translated by Google) versions of the interview.

French Language Version

English Language Version (Auto-Translated by Google)

Spanish Language Version (Auto-Translated French to English by Google)

Dee Fink to Invited to Speak at Kirkwood Community College

Dee Fink has been invited to lead two sessions at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa at their Fall Professional Day, August 16, 2011. He will lead a workshop on “Integrated Course Design” and make a presentation on “The Joy & Responsibility of Teaching Well.”

Here is a short (3.5 min.) video that they asked him to make, about his upcoming visit there.

Dee Fink Interviewed on Lebanon’s OTV

Dee Fink recently traveled to Beirut, Lebanon to give a workshop at the American University Of Technology. While he was there, he was interviewed by OTV. That interview is embedded below for your enjoyment.

Dee Fink Completes 5-Week World Tour

Dee working with the Academic Council members at Universidad El Bosque, in Bogota, Colombia

Dee working with the Academic Council members at Universidad El Bosque, in Bogota, Colombia

Dee Fink recently completed a 5-week “World Tour,” doing workshops on course design at 7 universities in 5 countries in 3 regions of the world.

The ideas of Integrated Course Design and the Taxonomy of Significant Learning are attracting attention all over the world.

South America:  Universidad El Bosque, in Bogota, COLOMBIA, is embarking on a remarkable effort of institutional transformation.  The rector, Carlos Escobar, likes the concept and the taxonomy of Significant Learning and is using this as the focus of his change effort.

Lynn Sorenson, an Associate with “Dee Fink & Associates”, led a two-day workshop last August for the whole faculty (N ≈ 280) – in Spanish!  Dee followed her activities in late September to work with the faculty as well as senior and middle-level administrators on how to provide the necessary institutional support.

This will be an exciting project to watch!

Dee working with high school teachers at the American University of Technology in Beirut, Lebanon

Middle East:  During 2 days in SAUDI ARABIA, Dee re-visited King Fahd University in Dammam to lead some faculty workshops, and led another at the University of Dammam Medical School, the only kind of university in Saudi Arabia where men and women faculty members can be in the same room at the same time.

He then visited the American University of Technology in LEBANON where he has been several times before.  After attending a meeting of their Board of Trustees, he led some workshops for faculty member and high school teachers in the vicinity.



Dee leading a faculty workshop on course design at Universität Bielefeld

Dee leading a faculty workshop on course design at Universität Bielefeld, in Germany.

Europe:  In GERMANY, Dee revisited Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and visited Universität Bielefeld to lead faculty workshops on course design.  In-between, he visited with senior administrators at the Academy of Economics in Poznan, POLAND.

In both countries, he learned how it is not the administrators nor the full set of faculty members, but the high-ranking professors who have almost full power over the major institutional decisions.  This seems to be making the change process quite challenging.

Workshop for Course Design at the ICED 2010 Conference

ICED 2010 logoLynn Sorenson and Dee Fink, two members of Dee Fink and Associates, led a workshop for the design of courses at the ICED 2010 Conference, from June 28 to 30, in Barcelona, Spain.

ICED is an international consortium of teachers or networks for the development of education, We also exhibited multi-language materials on the design of courses at the conference, ie several translations of Fink’s free and the “Self-Directed Guide .. . “.

For more information about the ICED Conference, visit: https://congresos.ultramarexpressevents.com/congress/en/iced-2010/inicio/